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We’re a medical practice marketing team that helps you expand your private medical practice by more than ten times what it is now. Get started with our hassle-free, proven system and start bringing in more patients to your clinic. All backed by our no questions asked, 100% money back guarantee.

Our Services

Medicare Covered Services

Market your Medicare covered services like hyaluronic acid, cortisone, neuropathy treatments, DMEs and more with our proprietary system guaranteeing your ideal patient walks through YOUR door. Backed by our no questions asked money back guarantee.


Get in front of your ideal new patients and establish yourself as a health expert and chiropractor in your market.


Grow your dental practice with a consistent, profitable flow of inbound phone calls and leads generating new patients for you, using our highly targeted marketing system.

Regenerative Medicine

Drive patients to your practice so they can get the life-changing regenerative medicine services you offer.

We Help You Convert Highly Motivated Patients With a 'Done-for-you' Marketing Program With A 100% Money Back Guarantee

Quality Patients is not your typical ‘marketing’ company. We provide you with everything you need to create a successful marketing strategy and in turn, develop a radically profitable medical practice.

Patient Profit System

Our proprietary patient profit system was built & perfected by Stephen Mesa, who owns and operates 14 medically integrated practices himself. Take advantage of marketing tools that offer you numerous benefits, including:

medical marketing services

10X Your Medical Practice

Want to learn more about how to 10x your medical practice with our 100% money back guarantee? Schedule your free consultation now. A member of our team will text you within a few minutes to confirm your call.

Quality Patients Helps Your Medical Practice Grow to New Heights

Over 8 Years of Experience

We created our guaranteed new patient system eight years ago to help doctors across the United States grow their practices. We love helping more people get out of pain and increase their quality of life without going through the harsh reality of prescription drugs and invasive surgeries. Our system not only changes the lives of your patients, but it changes your practice just as it helped our founder Stephen Mesa open 14 medically integrated practices that run pretty much on autopilot.

Guaranteed New Patients

We guarantee new patients with our digital marketing services for medical practices that want to add new patients to their practice every month. Because our medical marketing programs are customized to your clinic, we take a deep dive into your practice to make sure we are scheduling and filling your new patient days with qualified new patients the moment you sign up.

One-on-One Consultations

Our medical marketing services generate new patients for your practice by targeting patients that are highly interested in your services using proprietary, highly targeted lists. We guarantee we will fill your practice with new patients, backed by our money back guarantee. You get results by enjoying one-on-one attention from our team that lets you truly transform your practice and start seeing greater success.

80+ Satisfied Doctors

Our medical marketing services are for doctors who have an established practice and want to scale to 7-figures and beyond with consistent and predictable marketing. Whether you’re a doctor that is confident in their ability to convert new patients or not, our systems and training can help you grow your practice. We have over eighty satisfied doctors. Take a look at our testimonials to hear some of their stories.


What Our Clients Say

What Sets the Team at Quality Patients Apart From the Competition

Scaling a medical practice without a proven marketing strategy isn’t easy, and leads simply aren’t enough. You need strategies and tools that guarantee success. Quality Patients provides a proven process and expert mentorship that will help you scale your practice to 10x your current levels of success. Our proven process was developed over the past 8 years by our team that owns and operates 14 medically integrated clinics.

High-Quality Medical Marketing With Targeted Audiences

We create proven marketing campaigns for your practice to fill your clinic with new patients. We do this by using proprietary, highly targeted lists to make sure you’re reaching the right audience. Our campaigns have generated thousands of patients within the last few years alone.

24/7 Call Center Guaranteeing Succes At No Additional Cost

Phone handling and follow up are extremely important in getting a massive return on your marketing budget. That’s why we give you access to our own in-house call center team that manages all of our clinics and provide instant follow up with leads. They are trained by Stephen and his team, and are based in Orlando, FL (not overseas).

Financially Qualified Patients With The Right Coverage

By using our proprietary, highly targeted audiences, we show our doctors to the right audience at the right time. Our proprietary system enables us to generate patients that either have the right coverage or are financially qualified for your services.

Proven System Developed by Clinic Owners & Operators

We do this day in and day out, hiring and firing staff, dealing with overhead and payroll while perfecting the balancing act of managing cashflow and everything else you’re experiencing in your practice. Quality Patients was built for clinic owners and operators by clinic owners and operators. Now you get to benefit from our experience of opening and growing 14 clinics.


Doctors Nationwide Trust Us With Their Practice Growth

Let’s get straight to the point. Our team consists of entrepreneurial-minded, system based members that create killer marketing campaigns for medical practices that simply want to help more patients, grow their practice, and make more money.

We’ve helped doctors across the country grow their practices and begin achieving new levels of success in their clinics. With our proprietary marketing strategies, we enable you to take your business to new levels with exclusive marketing tools and unique medical marketing strategies. 

Partnering with the team at Quality Patients ensures your success as a medical practice and helps you to not only draw in prospective clients, but to convert them to paying patients. Get started working with our team and watch as your medical marketing strategy helps you grow your practice to levels 10x what you’re currently doing.

Here's What Our Doctors Are Saying

Our doctors aren’t just satisfied, they have successful practices and they’re making money. Read what a few of them have to say and join the ranks of our satisfied partners.

“My decompression practice is GROWING. I don’t have to think about where I’m getting my next new patients anymore”

– Dr. Russell

Rethink Your Medical Practice

Are you ready to transform the way you operate with powerful marketing tools from a game-changing agency? At Quality Patients, we’ve developed a proprietary marketing system that enables you to truly transform your clinic and help you start seeing greater success. Get started with the team at Quality Patients and we’ll help you convert interested prospects into paying patients.

Reach out today and we’ll get you scheduled for a free consultation to discuss how we can help you grow your medical practice and start earning more. The team at Quality Patients is here to support you and get you started on the road to success.

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