How to Hire the Best Dental Marketing Company for Your Clinic

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How to Choose a Dental Marketing Company for Your Practice

Dental services are something that everyone needs. Not only does quality dental care lead to a healthy smile and high self-esteem, but quality dental health is also linked to preventing heart disease. So, since dental practices provide a necessity, it’s easy enough to convince people why they should take advantage of your services, right? Not quite. However, partnering with the right dental marketing company can make your job a lot easier.

Even though you provide an essential service, every business is still responsible for educating the public and marketing to them. This is the only way that you are going to have an influx of patients that can sustain and grow your dental practice. That is why digital marketing for dentists is essential, especially in today’s environment.

Dental Economics recently stated that “practices that do the right things prosper during economic downturns and recessions. They are also positioned to grow that much faster as the economy recovers.”

With that said, you owe it to yourself to make sure you are working with the best marketers so that they can grow your brand while you focus on your own area of expertise, helping your patients. So how can you choose the right marketing professionals?

The tips in this article will help you find the right dental marketing company to help you grow your practice and prosper, even during economic downturns.

Make Sure That the Company is Experienced

Experience is everything when it comes to choosing the right marketing business. If they have been around for several years, it means that they have seen branding and advertising evolve. When you find marketing companies that have survived changes in technology and business, it shows that they have a strong foundation of marketing principles and are always willing to learn and adapt. 

It’s easier to buy into what they’re selling if they have the track record to back it. These professionals can set you up with a custom dental marketing plan that can take your practice to new heights. When you have a marketing program that is proven, you will be less hesitant to implement it. 

Choose Professionals That are Skilled

For example, content marketing is huge for people that want to reach the public in a meaningful way. By taking advantage of content marketing, it’s easier for you to gain traction and build a following.

However, what most people don’t realize is that content marketing is much more than it appears on the surface.

In fact, great content marketing doesn’t even feel like marketing at all.

To be effective at content marketing, you need a strategy that plans out at least three months in advance.

The reality for most dental practices is that they create a “content calendar” that says they need to post to Facebook so many times a week and on certain days, and maybe Instagram too, and any other social media platform they see fit. Then it’s up to the front desk or someone else in the practice that already has a lot on their plate to actually make the post. It’s no surprise then that this “content marketing” is at the bottom of their list and usually an afterthought, meaning there is no overall strategy. After weeks or months of “doing” this, the practice gives up because they see no results for their efforts.

Does this sound familiar?

We are simply using content marketing as an example because we hear dental practices tell us digital marketing doesn’t work for them. But it can! And it should.

You just need team that is skilled at digital marketing for dentists to create your strategy and implement it.

Find Professionals That Are Excellent at Paid Ads

Though there are several new and creative forms of advertising that are taking off, many still pale in comparison to the results that you get from a well-placed paid ad. Today, some of the best paid ads are digital. 

You can get large numbers of new patients when you run paid ads on Google and on social media outlets like Facebook and Instagram. Especially when it comes to using these platforms targeting options to place your ads in front of the right people at the right time.

If you’ve ever tried to setup your own paid ads, you probably felt overwhelmed and didn’t take full advantage of the resources these platforms give you. It’s also likely that you didn’t see the return on your investment in ad spend that you wanted. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

When you partner with a digital marketing team that understands how the platforms work and the analytics they provide, you can use the ad algorithms to your favor and see results you never thought were possible.

Hire a Dental Marketing Company That Understands Your Brand and Who You Are

Aside from tactics and strategies, it’s crucial that you hire marketers who understand your practice as a brand. When the marketers intrinsically get you, it’s easier for them to then communicate your vision to new patients. 

They will be able to hit the demographics that you are trying to reach. They can also speak for you in a way that shows your personality and what you are all about. There’s no better way to do this than through an effective paid ad campaign, as discussed above.

Know Your Practice and Where You Want to Go

With that said, you are better able to hire a marketer who gets you when you “get” yourself. Understand your practice from the inside out, and what makes you unique. 

This way, you will be better equipped to find a company that can communicate your vision. It empowers you to know when to lean on the help of the marketing professionals, and which areas to trust yourself on. 

More importantly, understand where you want your practice to go, not just from a branding perspective, but a growth and revenue perspective. If you’re goal is to simply maintain your current practice, you will likely want to work with a dental marketing company that focuses on branding and patient outreach.

However, if your goal is to grow your practice and create a flood of new patients, then you’ll want to work with an agency that has a proven track record of doing this.

The digital marketing strategies will look very different for both of those scenarios. Understanding what you want to accomplish with your marketing efforts will help you identify the type of dental marketing company you want to work with.

Prioritize Marketing for Your Practice

Most of us will agree that 2020 was an interesting year. And most of us will agree that 2021 has the potential to be a much better year. However, to make the most of 2021, DentistryIQ states that “a full schedule has always been important, but now it’s even more critical.”

So how do you fill your schedule? Prioritizing marketing for your practice can help you accomplish that!

It’s easy to say what you want to accomplish in a meeting with your team. It’s something completely different to actually do the work, and do it well, to reach your goals. The reality is that most dental practices simply don’t have team members with marketing experience. And that’s okay. After all, as a dental office, your main focus should be on helping your dental patients.

Sometimes to prioritize marketing for your practice properly, you’ll either need to hire a marketing specialist or outsource it to a dental marketing company. But to get to that point, you have to make marketing a priority for your practice. Making it a priority will increase your chances of seeing success.

Hire the Best Marketing Company for Your Dental Practice

The tips in this article will assist you when hiring a dental marketing company to move your company forward. Your dental practice will be at its best when you have marketers that can bring the best out of you. 

We would love to help you out if you’re ready to learn more. Take the time to schedule a free call with us today!

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